Learning about Thanksgiving

Students taught the day’s more than just turkey
By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, several elementary schools in Lincoln recognized turkey day with their own unique celebrations. Students in Elizabeth Rossie’s first-grade class at Lincoln Crossing Elementary decorated cookies and made sugar-cone teepees Friday during the class’s fall celebration. All the activities that day were educational, according to Rossie. “Everything is fall related,” said Rossie, adding that the event is called a fall celebration “for those who don’t observe Thanksgiving.” Students in her class told The News Messenger what they were thankful for this year. “I like being thankful for everybody giving in the war,” said 6-year-old Isabella Andriani. She said her grandmother and cousins will visit on Thanksgiving and that she will try turkey for the first time this Thanksgiving. Braden Johnston, 6, while playing candy corn Bingo, said that he likes pumpkin pie. He added that his grandmother will be at the family Thanksgiving dinner. A feast is what Emily Albornoz, 6, will be looking forward to today. “I’m thankful for the schools,” Emily answered when asked what she is thankful for. “Because if we didn’t have schools, then our moms and dads would have to teach us each day.” First Street School also had Thanksgiving happenings. The three kindergarten classes at the school sang Thanksgiving-themed songs and dined on Thanksgiving fare Friday morning. “It’s to help the children enjoy Thanksgiving and understand the first Thanksgiving,” said Sue Wagner, a kindergarten teacher at First Street School, on why the kindergartners were celebrating that day. Wagner said the children were told that Thanksgiving is “more than food;” it’s to “celebrate family.” The food offered at First Street’s Thanksgiving feast was a “mix of cultures,” Wagner said, which was to “emulate the first Thanksgiving’s combining of cultures.” Traditional turkey was served, as well as enchiladas, tamales and a slew of sweet treats such as cupcakes and pies, including pumpkin. “I like to thank my mom,” said 5-year-old Vincent Rye, who will be at his uncle’s house for Thanksgiving. He said he likes turkey “because it’s sweet.” Mariana Polanco, 5, gave thanks for her aunt, dad and dog. She is looking forward to “eating with her family for Thanksgiving” and the menu includes turkey and cupcakes because cupcakes are her favorite. “Turkey is yummy,” Mariana added.