Larsen likes collecting and volunteering

By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Reporter
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Name: Dan Larsen Age: 70 City: Lincoln Job: Retired Family: Wife Carol; daughter Sarah Purdy of Kentucky; son Ryan Larsen of New Jersey. How many model cars have you collected? Approximately 1,173 and the cars I collect are those I can relate to. I see you also collect Marshmallow Peeps. How did you get started doing that? When the kids were young, I would get them for Easter and then I started collecting them. I go out and collect them (during different seasons). The red ones I can only get at Target. (Larsen also has Peeps for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day). When did you start collecting the model cars? About 1977. I was at a Chevy dealership and noticed that they had little model cars that were dealer promotional. Why did you start collecting the cars? Everybody collects something. Some people collect hats. I found this to be the thing I enjoyed. People say, if you take the cars out of their packages, they lose their value. I get value out of my cars every day when I look at them. Are they all model cars or are they toy cars? I would call them die-cast model cars. How do you choose which cars to collect? Just things I’m familiar with, like cars from when I was growing up and a teenager. The most common one I have is a 1969 Pontiac GTO, because that’s my “real” car. What is the oldest car you have? That would be a Volkswagen that I played with when I was a kid in the dirt and under the tree. When my folks passed away, we went through their stuff and I found that car from when I was a kid. And you have the full-size version of the 1969 Pontiac GTO? I bought it in 1968 and I’ve had it since. I’m the original owner out of the factory. It has a new paint job but it’s the original paint color. How do you volunteer your time in the community? I’m in Rods and Relics, a car club, and I’m in the Lincoln Hills Foundation. I’m a Neighborhood Watch mailbox captain; I’m in CERT, or the Community Emergency Response Team. I’m on the (Sun City) compliance committee. I’m in the Low Speed Vehicle Club, Mac Users Group and I work once a month putting an insert into the Compass. I’m an unofficial handyman for my neighbors and I volunteer for the Jack Uppal for U.S. Congress committee. Why do you volunteer so much? It’s fun and I enjoy being involved, doing things at my own pace and leisure. For Rods and Relics, I’m in charge of getting all of the wearing apparel. For Neighborhood Watch, I got talked into being mailbox captain. I keep people who are at my mailbox informed of what’s going on in the community through e-mail. What do you like about being on the compliance committee? It’s fun because you are working with people, getting them back into compliance. You get to know more people, interacting with people you normally don’t know. There are CC&R’s so there are certain things you can and can’t have (in your front yard). How long have you lived in Lincoln? Since 2005, and before that, we were in San Ramon. We retired and it just seemed like it had a lot of amenities for a nice lifestyle with people your own age. We enjoy it. If you would like to see a neighbor or friend featured here, please e-mail or call Stephanie Dumm at 774-7967.