Kindergarten registration packets available, beginning March 4

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Western Placer Unified School District is preparing for registration of kindergarten students for the 2013 – 2014 school year.

“We are extremely excited to be enrolling what we anticipate to be our largest kindergarten class to date, including additional transitional kindergarten students,” said Mary Boyle, the school district’s deputy superintendent of educational services. “Changes in California Education Code have moved the eligibility date again for kindergarten enrollments so we are expanding our transitional kindergarten program to prepare for that change.”

Guidelines on the kindergarten registration process

Recent changes in the law require new guidelines for children’s birthdates for kindergarten enrollment. A child turning 5 on or before this Oct. 1 is eligible for kindergarten next year.  

Western Placer Unified School District is offering transitional kindergarten (TK) for students who turn 5 on or between this Oct. 2 and Dec. 2.

Transitional kindergarten is the first year of a two-year kindergarten program for children with fall birthdays, who would have been kindergarten-eligible before the change in law.

Kindergarten and transitional kindergarten registration will occur at elementary school sites. Parents can pick up registration packets at their child’s school site, beginning March 4.

Completed packets should be returned to the prospective students’ school sites, starting March 12, with the exception of Lincoln Crossing Elementary School’s drop-off date, starting March 11.

Transitional kindergarten programs will be available at Twelve Bridges Elementary School and Creekside Oaks Elementary School. The registration process for transitional kindergarten is the same as for kindergarten, with parents registering children at their elementary school sites.

Required immunization information will be included in the kindergarten/transitional kindergarten registration packet.

Immunizations must be current when registration materials are turned in. If only the final required immunization is incomplete, the school will accept the packet but the child will not be enrolled in a class until all the immunizations are complete or are scheduled.

Any exceptions to this must be approved by the district nurse.

Required immunizations:

DTP - five doses (four doses are acceptable if the fourth dose has been given on or after the 4th birthday)

Polio – four doses (three doses are acceptable if the third dose has been given on or after the 4th birthday)

Hepatitis B – three doses

MMR – two doses

Varicella – one dose

District and community preschool programs for children who are not yet kindergarten eligible are available at the following sites: Western Placer Unified School District State Preschool (income qualified) at Little Blue Schoolhouse (at First and L streets), Carlin C. Coppin Elementary and Sheridan Elementary schools

Western Placer Unified School District Parent Participate Preschool ($10/day fee) at First Street School and Twelve Brides Elementary School.

STAR Preschool (fee-based) at Foskett Ranch Elementary School.

Head Start Preschool (income qualified) at Carlin C. Coppin Elementary School.

For more information about kindergarten or transitional kindergarten registration, contact elementary school sites or Boyle at 645-6350. For more information on preschool programs, contact Kris Knutson, preschool coordinator at 645-6350.