Kilaga Lodge to Kilaga Springs

Bicycle column
By: By Vic Freeman Special to News Messenger
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Today, we go for a beautiful ride in rural Lincoln and the rolling hills north of town. This ride is a combination of flat and rolling terrain.

We start at Kilaga Lodge at the corner of Sun City and Stags Leap. The lodge was named for Kilaga Springs and that is our destination today. As always, put on your helmet, check your tires and bring water and some snacks.

This trip is approximately 18 miles, round trip.

Take Sun City Boulevard to Ferrari Ranch Road and turn right to Highway 193. Make a left at the overhead light at Highway 193 to East Avenue. Go right on East to Seventh Street and turn left on Seventh and proceed to Lincoln Boulevard. Take a right on Lincoln Boulevard (old Highway 65) and go past Gladding, McBean Plant to Gladding Road.

Make a right on Gladding to Wise Road. Continue on Gladding across Wise and go to Merrit Lane. Right on Merrit to McCourtney. Take a left on McCourtney and go north. At this point, the road goes up and down over rolling hills. Enjoy the bucolic beauty of trees, pastures, grazing cattle and the refreshing air.

Keep on McCourtney past Fleming Road to Kilaga Springs Road where you make a right turn. Go about 1/3 of a mile to the fork of Kilaga Springs and North Kilaga Springs. Keep to the right and go up on Kilaga Springs to where it ends on private property.

The actual springs were on the property by an old mine. Indians used the springs to bathe in healing waters. At a later date, water from the springs was bottled and sold under a label called Kil-La-Ga.

At the no-trespass sign, turn around and go back down to McCourtney past Wise Road all the way to Virginiatown Road and turn right to East Avenue. Take a left on East Avenue to 193. Left on 193 to overhead signal at Ferrari Ranch Road. Right onto Ferrari Ranch Road to Sun City Boulevard and turn left back to Stags Leap and Kilaga Springs Lodge where you started.

Until next time, keep on biking and be careful out there.

Vic Freeman is a Lincoln resident and avid bicyclist.