Kenny Watson is new Lincoln Police reserve police officer

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A new reserve police officer has been added to the Police Department, according to Lincoln Police Chief Paul Shelgren. On Aug. 31, Kenneth Watson was sworn in during a ceremony officiated by Lincoln City Clerk Patricia Avila. Watson graduated from a local police academy and was ranked No. 1 in a class of 30 recruit trainees, according to a police press release. Watson joined the Lincoln Police Reserve program to gain experience for a future position as a full-time police officer. Watson is a part-time student and also works part-time for the Department of Justice in Sacramento. As a Lincoln reserve officer, Watson will be assigned to a training officer for the field training program and work as a backup officer in the field. “Every person we can put on the street will help community and officer safety,” Shelgren said. Watson will start his training this weekend, which entails being out on patrol with a training officer, according to Shelgren. “They will receive the same training our regular officers go through,” Shelgren said. Reserve officers are volunteers and receive no pay from the Lincoln Police Department. The department now has two reserve officers and is in the process of adding additional voluntary reserve officers to increase police presence in the city, according to Shelgren. “We want to get four more,” Shelgren said. Watson is a Roseville resident. -Stephanie Dumm