Kelsey Collins reaching her goals

By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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Name: Kelsey Collins Age: 17 City: Lincoln Job: Lincoln High School senior Family: Parents Tim and Christine Collins What competition did you win two weekends ago? It was a three-position match and I shot at two targets per position. The three positions are prone, standing and kneeling. I got first place for all three categories, which were junior, women and overall. It was through the California Rifle and Pistol Association. What do you think about how you did? It was not what I expected. The day before, I was at the Junior Olympics qualifier and I shot my personal best of 583. On Sunday, it was weird. I shot 586. It was amazing. Three points in this sport is a lot. If you beat someone by three points, you kicked their butt. Now I have a new personal best. That was an amazing week. What does it mean to you to have done so well? Nothing is unreachable. There’s no limit anymore. How did you get your start in shooting? Back when I was 5, I used to go to the range with my dad. I practically grew up on the range. When did you start shooting? I started shooting when I was 9 and I got my first gun from my dad and grandpa when I was 10. I didn’t start shooting competitively until my freshmen year with the high school team. Why did you start competing? I like it and I was good at it. My dad’s done it for a long time and a friend talked me into it. I started and got really good, really fast. My sophomore year, the (Lincoln Rifle Club) advanced team grabbed me. What do you like about the sport? Everything; the focus of it and the discipline. Ninety percent of it is mental and 10 percent is skill. We’ve always said that. I love it. It’s probably because of the people. I went to Junior Olympics and met people from all over the world and it’s amazing. What are your plans after graduation? I want to go to massage therapy school. About two years ago, someone told me I was good at it. I had gotten into a car crash at the end of my freshman year and had to have massage therapy to loosen my muscles to get chiropractic work done. It was very calm. There’s wasn’t drama and it was peaceful. I thought, ‘Why not go to work every day and be calm?’ Will you miss Lincoln High School? I think I will. I’m going to miss the students and faculty. I’ll definitely go back and visit. What do you like about living in Lincoln? Everybody knows everybody, and when you need help with something, you can call someone up on the phone and they will help. What other hobbies do you have aside form shooting? Nothing really, just hanging out with my friends and texting. My thing right now is prom. It’s my senior year and I’m not missing it. I told my dad, if prom and Junior Olympics are the same weekend, Junior Olympics is gone. If you would like to see a neighbor or friend featured here, please e-mail or call Stephanie Dumm at 774-7967.