Karis Jose to experience science camp at Stanford University

By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Reporter
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Karis Jose, 13, will soon check out ocean creatures and even dissect a shark on a boat in the Pacific Ocean. That’s because the eighth-grader from Twelve Bridges Middle School will attend the American Association of University Women (AAUW) California Tech Trek Science Camp for Girls from July 11 to July 17. “I’m excited, really excited,” Karis said recently about the marine biology and improv classes. “I’m excited about being able to stay in a dorm,” she added. The one-week camp is at Stanford University, which is located in Palo Alto. This means Karis will stay in a Stanford University dorm and attend the camp’s classes in university classrooms, according to her school counselor, Michelle Bizeau-Logan. Bizeau-Logan said American Association of University Women provides camp scholarships for seventh-grade girls throughout California. The camps also take place at other campuses, including Sonoma State University and the University of California at Irvine. Karis likes the different aspects of both math and science, which is what she’ll learn more about during this summer’s camp. “What I like about science is that everything has to do with science, it’s everywhere and there are so many possibilities,” Karis said. “With math, even though sometimes it frustrates me, the numbers flow together with everything.” The American Association of University Women contacts Bizeau-Logan, who lets the seventh- grade science teacher know it’s time to nominate girls for the scholarship. Karis, nominated by Twelve Bridges Middle School’s seventh-grade science teacher Jennifer Hladun, was one of eight girls nominated. “She is just an exceptional, thoughtful student. She asks really excellent questions and you can tell she has a curiosity,” Hladun said. “Any time you see a student who wants to know more, you want to nurture that.” Karis, like the other girls who were nominated, were prepared for the scholarship interview by Bizeau-Logan. “We get all the girls together for a lunch and go over how to present themselves,” Bizeau-Logan said. “I don’t know the questions but I prepare them for some questions I think will be asked.” The girls also submit an essay. Karis wrote hers about brain damage. Karis said she’s not scared about being away from her mother for a week and that the separation “would be good” for her mother. “She’s a little sad for me to go but really excited for me and thinks it will be a good opportunity,” Karis said. Mother Susan Jose said she’s excited for her daughter, and “super proud of her.” “I think it will be a neat experience and how many kids get to experience college at this age” Susan Jose said. “I hope, as her mom, that it will spark an interest into getting a college education.”