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The Beer Nut column
By: Rich Bermudez Special to The News Messenger
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As fall starts, the air fills with footballs flying and the aroma of brewing beer floats through the streets of downtown Lincoln. Oktoberfest is around the corner and, as the HotOber weather makes us thirsty, our local breweries are serving up the beverage that helped civilize humankind. How did beer help civilization? Grapes will ferment naturally on the vine. The early hunter-gatherers would pick the rotting fruit, place it in a bucket, stomp on the grapes, pour off the juice and they had wine! The grains needed to make beer, however, would grow scattered across the landscape so farming was needed to gather the harvest. The fermentables in grain have to be coaxed out by a complex cooking process and then stored while the wild yeast worked their magic. Farming, cooking and pottery technologies all came together in the first brewery, according to several theories. The early hunter-gathers gave up their nomadic life to concentrate on bread and brewing. They moved back to the Fertile Crescent and settled in the Garden of Eden after it was renovated by Archangel Engineering and re-opened as Eden Gardens. While the original Beermann’s Brewery shut down operations a few years ago, Lincoln has another fine brewery with Knee Deep Brewing taking over the brewery operations at the 5th Street venue. Knee Deep Brewing’s hoptologist is an award-winning double India Pale Ale (IPA). Our neighboring breweries are also getting high marks for their output. Loomis Basin Brewing’s Alohawk Strong Ale is the flagship beer of all the Beach Hut delis. Roseville Brewing off of Washington Boulevard makes a double IPA that is something to write home about! Where can you get these fine brews? The Beer Nut made a great discovery when he stopped in the Lincoln Market at 415 A St. The market’s cold box had a treasure trove of fine beers and rumor has it that this cold box will be expanded. Other Lincoln outlets will be explored in this column as the Beer Nut visits these and other cool beer spots and reports back on the where and how. We will explore the difference between ales and lagers and develop a cultivated palate. Let the Beer Nut know if you have any hidden beer treasures that you would like brought to light. Remember, the beer business is fluid so stay tuned to this column for the latest beer buzz with our local breweries! Rich Bermudez is a Lincoln resident. He can be reached at