Juror’s Statement for Feats of Clay 2011

Feats of Clay
By: Donna Billick
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Juror’s Statement for Feats of Clay 2011 By Donna Billick Clay is alive with a vast array of expressive hands. Feats of Clay brings awareness of our rich and varied legacy of creative ceramic artists and potters. It was a pleasure to be witness to the entries brought into the 2011 Gladding, McBean kilns for the Feats of Clay exhibition. Wild, beautiful, classical, traditional, satirical, mysterious, personal, political and sublime forms shaped with clay; with textures, fabulous glazes and surfaces is what I saw. Elimination of anything was a tough job; I would like to especially thank one and all for submitting your work. I felt so honored to have a look over the amazing 2011 Feats of Clay, artists and craftsman that share a passion for clay. The level of skill and originality was staggering. Clay has more memory and longevity than any other medium. Over the ages, we have an uninterrupted description of who we are and what we care about. I am clear that natural selection has evolved a strong message about our intelligence and humanity with the clay works offered this year to Feats of Clay. I share a passion and 40-year commitment to the spiritual practice of “Clay is the Way.” My community is alive and, well, frankly magnificent. Thank you and keep wedging your voice into reality. Sincerely, Donna Billick