July 25 shots fired gang related

By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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Lincoln police responded Monday to a non-injury gang-related shooting in the area of Sixth and B streets. Reports from a neighbor of shots being fired were called into 911 at 6:47 p.m., according to Lincoln Police Lt. David Ibarra. “Upon arrival, officers located 9 millimeter shell casings in the 600 block alley between B and C Streets,” Ibarra said. “As a result of this shooting, we have an individual in possession of a firearm (that could be) used against rival gangs, innocent citizens or us.” “Officers believe the incident involved local rival Sureno and Norteno gangs,” according to Ibarra. It was learned by officers during the investigation that an unknown Hispanic male between the ages of 18- to 20-years old shot at a brown Volvo, according to Ibarra. The Volvo was occupied by a 22-year-old male, 17-year-old male and 16-year-old female, Ibarra said, and none were injured during the shooting. Their names have not been released. Ibarra said one of the vehicle’s occupants had left a home located in the alley, prior to the shooting. “Detectives are conducting a follow-up investigation to identify the shooter and the motive for the shooting,” Ibarra said. “We are taking this very seriously and using all of our resources so that this doesn’t reoccur in that area and the whole city.” Those resources include prevention and suppression of gang activity, according to Ibarra. Ibarra said Lincoln has at least 50 Norteno and 50 Sureno gang members, and that they are “getting more active and violent now.” “The tradition, historically, is that gang activity and violence spikes up in the summer, and we see that through graffiti, assaults and shootings,” Ibarra said. The last gang shooting could have been as recent as last month, according to Ibarra. “We suspect the shooting that occurred on First Street last month may have been gang-related,” Ibarra said. The June 16 shooting occurred on the 900 block of First Street, when Steven Keith Mitchell, 16, of Lincoln, shot and injured a 17-year-old male, whose identity has not been released, according to previous News Messenger reports. Ibarra said Mitchell was apprehended in Sacramento on July 23 and was transported to Placer County Juvenile Hall. The gun used in that shooting has not been found, according to Ibarra. The News Messenger asked Ibarra what residents can do to help combat gang activity. “Report anything you think is gang-related, and any type of gang-activity, we should know about,” Ibarra said. Gang activity includes graffiti and fights involving possible gang members, according to Ibarra. “It helps to cover graffiti up as soon as possible to discourage vandals from doing it again,” Ibarra said.