Jr Zebras warm up for fall season at Sierra Valley USA Jamboree

Scrimmages start early
By: Staff Report
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The Jr. Zebras Football and Cheer participants have been working hard in the heat of July preparing for the upcoming season. The 2012 Sierra Valley USA Jamboree is scheduled to take place at Nevada Union Saturday. The Midgets football and cheer will certify at 7:50 a.m. with Jr. Midgets, PeeWees, Jr. PeeWees and Mitey Mites to follow. Football scrimmage begins at 9:45 when the Jr. Zebras Midgets offense tests Nevada Unions defense at 9:45 on Field 1. The defense takes the field at 10:50 against the Jr. Miners. The Jr. Midgets begin play at 12:10 p.m., the PeeWees at 1:31, Jr. PeeWees at 3 and Mitey Mites at 4:10. Also participating in the Jamboree are Jr. Tigers from Roseville and Jr. Titans from Antelope. Sierra Valley USA Jamboree At Nevada Union Jr. Miners Football Scrimmage Schedule Lincoln Jr. Zebras Midgets DEFENSE Time Team Field 9:58 vs. Bradshaw Chr. 2 10:11 vs. Antelope 2 10:50 vs. Nevada Union 1 11:42 vs. Roseville 2 Midgets OFFENSE Time Team Field 9:45 vs. Nevada Union 1 10:37 vs. Roseville 2 11:03 vs. Bradshaw Chr. 2 11:16 vs. Antelope 2 Jr. Midgets DEFENSE Time Team Field 12:10 vs. Nevada Union 1 1:03 vs. Roseville 2 Jr. Midgets OFFENSE Time Team Field 12:23 vs. Bradshaw Chr. 2 12:39 v. Antelope 2 PeeWees DEFENSE Time Team Field 1:31 vs. Nevada Union 1 2:23 vs. Roseville 2 PeeWees OFFENSE Time Team Field 1:44 vs. Bradshaw Chr. 2 1:57 vs. Antelope 2 Jr. PeeWees DEFENSE Time Team Field 3:00 vs. Nevada Union 1 3:50 vs. Roseville 2 Jr. PeeWees OFFENSE Time Team Field 3:13 vs. Bradshaw Chr. 2 3:24 vs. Antelope 2 Mitey Mites DEFENSE Time Team Field 4:10 vs. Nevada Union 1 5:00 vs. Roseville 2 Mitey Mites OFFENSE Time Team Field 4:23 vs. Bradshaw Chr. 2 4:34 vs. Antelope 2