It takes a community to help the needy

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The Salt Mine wants to thank the Lincoln News Messenger for making our needs known to the community. A special big “thanks” goes to all the friends of the Salt Mine who have gone out of their way to bring food and donations in to help us through this crisis. Many churches, social groups, business clubs and a numerous amount of individuals have given much and worked hard to meet the growing needs. Summer months are always lean and this year it has been especially difficult since the Salt Mine has not had food available through some of the past resources. For years, we have been able to purchase non-perishable food from the food bank at a reasonable price, but week after week the food bank has had no food that we can use. These circumstances force the Salt Mine to buy food at a much higher cost (if we can even find it to buy). In our 25 years of helping families in this area, we have never seen a time of such great need. Every month the number of families needing help keeps inching up. Just when we think we have done all we can do, we do a little more. We want to thank everyone that is making it possible. Many are donating to help cover the increased cost of food and many are buying a few extra things when they go to the store. All of this helps tremendously. Several groups have had food drives and there are several more planned in the near future. Last Saturday, the Boy Scouts of Sierra Gateway District (Lincoln, Loomis and Rocklin) held an emergency food drive and collected more than 3,500 pounds of food for the Salt Mine. Thank you for your kind and generous help. Eric Long, The Salt Mine