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Lincoln Crossing students thankful for family and turkey today
By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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Family and turkey are just two reasons why some students at Lincoln Crossing Elementary School are thankful this Thanksgiving. The News Messenger asked second-, third- and fourth-graders during Friday’s recess what they are grateful for this year. Family and turkey were the top two items given. Unless you are Kevin “K.J.” Frey, Jr., who said “Saturday and Sunday” are what he’s thankful for this year. “There’s no school and no homework, and I can watch TV all day,” K.J. said. “I play outside with my friends. We play tag, cops and robbers, and chase.” K.J. said he’ll watch TV, play video games and drink hot chocolate at home this Thanksgiving. Marcus Barros, 7, said he’s thankful for his parents. “They help me with stuff, like with school and making dinner for me,” Marcus said. His Thanksgiving plans include spending the holiday with his grandparents. The favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is turkey, according to Emily Aldridge, 7. She’s thankful for her family “because they are nice to me.” “I’m thankful for my family because they love me very much,” Sophia Shaffer, 7, said. “I’m thankful for the food so we can eat and not starve.” Sophia likes going to her grandparents’ house for Thanksgiving because of the decorations. Thankful for both her school and family was Tierney Baumgartner, 9. That’s because school allows Tierney “to learn” and she appreciates her family “so I can have a family to live with.” “My family is coming over for Thanksgiving and it’s going to be at my house,” Tierney said. Her family will talk, play outside, have a picnic and eat turkey and pumpkin pie this year. Lucas Behler, 9, said he’s thankful for turkey. “I don’t really have turkey that much so it will be a good day to be thankful with the family,” Lucas said. Austin Ratliff, 8, is thankful for his parents, grandparents and teachers, and is also appreciative for turkey. Also anticipating turkey is Emmalyn Callahan, 9, who “is excited about family activities” this week, including a stint in the kitchen making mashed potatoes. “My favorite food is turkey, and my mom and grandma make it taste like cotton candy,” Emmalyn said.