If Kim’s offends you, don’t eat there

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This letter is in response to Bonnie Caps' letter about Kim's Country Kitchen. Bonnie, are you new here? Kim's is not some new place that just popped up out of nowhere ... Kim is a longtime area resident whose restaurant, along with a great Chinese restaurant, is a Lincoln favorite. When I moved here, Kim's place was in another location and was the gathering place for the locals in the morning and lunch crowds. Kim closed down to work as a nurse due to the nursing shortage. After a few years, for whatever reasons, she decided to reopen after the deli closed ... and I thank her for doing so. For you to imply that her place is not respectable and certain to close shows your complete lack of knowledge about Lincoln. Lincoln is not about the new developments hat have sprung up in the last few years ... you can find those everywhere ... it is about people like Kim who own property, enjoy the outdoors and contribute to the community. We prefer family-owned places like Kim's and judging by the crowds at Kim's, we are not alone in that. Kim's is once again the gathering place for longtime residents and I hope she decides to keep it that way for a long time ... but it won't be for a lack of business. My suggestion to you is that if Kim's offends you, don't go there ... perhaps you should slip on your Birkenstocks, swing by Trader Joe's for some organic granola and fill your canteen with spring water and begin the long walk to where you came from (I say walk because I'm sure you don't want to leave a carbon footprint). Mark Cunningham, Lincoln