Ideas on saving city money

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“What?” We read in The Lincoln News Messenger last year that our city finances are in trouble and that there will be layoffs of city workers, police and fire personal. And there were. Then last week’s (Feb. 25) big front-page headline, “City faces $1.7 million deficit next year.” But, on page 3, the city has hired it’s first chief financial officer/assistant city manager. Back on the front page, “Grim Update Given by Mayor” continued on A9, “City on Track to be $2 million in the red.” But, again, I re-read how the city of Lincoln has hired an assistant for $145,000 a year. What? I am not the only one who thinks there is something very wrong at City Hall. Everyone I talk to has the same questions. 1. Why do we need an assistant city manager? 2. Can’t the city manager delegate to the many people in his office jobs he can’t handle? 3. Why are they spending tax money we don’t have creating new jobs, while eliminating city workers? 4. Why are we looking for a new police chief when we have a very fine qualified man already doing the job? That’s Paul Shelgren, the acting police chief. The ideal traits the city is looking for is overwhelming; only Superman is qualified and he’s busy. 5. Why are we paying such high salaries as listed on page A12? No wonder our city is going broke! 6. Why is the city looking to hire yet another person, a director of public services, at a salary of $105,245 or higher when we are going bankrupt? There were 12 benefits listed but not one qualification. Maybe I could apply for the job. I only have a high school diploma (Lincoln, Class of ’64) so I’m kinda smart, married 35 years so I’m loyal; in the same house 35 years so I’m consistent, have 3 children, 11 grandchildren and 4 great-grandsons, so I know how to handle all kinds of situations. Plus I have been cleaning people’s home for over 30 years, so I am good at cleaning up others’ messes. Best of all, I will work for less than half of what the city intends to pay someone they have to advertise for. I’m needy, not greedy! Which can’t be said about what we are paying out to Lincoln’s city officials and that isn’t the complete list. 7. Just what are the city employees doing to get paid that much money? 8. Why is City Hall willing to shell out our hard-earned money for a new Public Service director when they are considering closing down the best two public services in Lincoln, the libraries? It does not make sense to me. Does it make good sense to you? Don’t forget to vote. This November election is very important as two City Council seats are open. If you want the same old stuff, stay home but if you want Lincoln to thrive once again, then go vote. Nancy Moose, Lincoln