Hopes for a wonderful 2011 in Lincoln

By: Carol Feineman, Editor
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In whatever city I’ve called home, the beginning of a new year holds the promise of good solutions to hard problems and turning fuzzy daydreams into realized actions. With two new City Council members taking office two weeks ago, and many residents becoming more committed to making Lincoln the best city possible, I believe Lincoln’s top priorities (i.e. providing basic services without sacrificing more city jobs) will be solved this year. A week ago, I e-mailed all City Council members, top city staff and three prominent community members the question of what they are looking forward to for Lincoln in 2011. Two councilmen did not e-mail me their answers by press time Wednesday. But the other city and community leaders sent in their responses, which I appreciate. Answers from Lincoln’s leaders follow below. Tom Cosgrove, Lincoln City Councilman: “Over the past several years, many of our residents have seen their hopes and dreams turn into worry and anxiety, about housing and jobs in particular. My hope for the coming year is that the economy will improve and people will become more confident in themselves and in what the future will bring for them. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” Gabriel Hydrick, Lincoln City Councilman: “I am looking forward to putting economic and redevelopment strategies and opportunities into place to make Lincoln a stronger regional economic participant, getting our financial house in order so we have a clear picture as to where we really stand so we can efficiently and effectively plan short and long term goals that are right-sized and right-priced for Lincoln and putting Lincoln on an independent and stable financial course.“ Stan Nader, Lincoln City Councilman: “I am looking forward to working with my fellow council members, as a team, to develop a strategy that builds a firm foundation upon which the city can operate. People have moved to Lincoln because of its charm and sense of place and we need to emulate this strong character as we do our work for the citizens of Lincoln.“ Jim Estep, Lincoln’s City Manager: “My hope for next year is that the nation’s economy improves and as a result, Lincoln’s local economy improves as well.“ Lincoln’s Assistant City Manager/Chief Financial Officer Anna Jatczak: “To work as a unified team to address the challenges that Lincoln faces. “ Lincoln Fire Chief Dave Whitt: “I hope that my firefighters and the citizens we serve stay safe and that all of Lincoln grows more prosperous.“ Terrie Robinson, Lincoln citizen: “For Lincoln, I’m looking forward to greater unity among residents and more appreciation of Lincoln’s history and traditions. I know our citizens have the will and the expertise to solve our budget problems, but I’d like to see Lincoln become less divided between longtime residents and new residents. I don’t think a lot of us newer residents realize what the McBean Park pool or the Carnegie Library mean to longtime residents as Lincoln traditions and history, and to me, it would signal failure if we lost any of Lincoln’s history and traditions in the midst of all this new construction and expansion.“ Bob Romness, CEO of the Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce and the Lincoln Volunteer Center: “My hope for the new year is that more local residents will step up their support of local businesses and nonprofits, and that we’ll all work harder at being community builders.” Shirley Russell, Lincoln volunteer extraordinaire: “Through the use of grant money going toward remodeling of the 1924 Civic Auditorium, where the Lincoln Area Archives Museum (LAAM) is presently located, I am looking forward to the possibility of LAAM being moved to a more visible area where more Lincolnites and visitors will discover the rich history of the Western Placer area.” Have a happy and safe New Year from the Lincoln News Messenger staff.