History does repeat itself

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I attended the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Meeting on June 22 to learn about the State of the City. I heard about the c ity's current and future financial problems and its limited solutions. After reading the front - page article (June 23 News Messenger, “Seven police, three firefighter jobs on line”) reporting these problems and solutions, I rea d the e ditorial p age and then the Lincoln Chronicles (page A4) . I found the reprinted article from 2001 very interesting , particularly the quote from the c ity's financial director, Randy Graham: "For the first time, the budget does not tie on-going expenditures to one-time r evenues . " It seems that the c ity leaders who followed him didn't take his comment about not tying on-going expenditures to one-time revenues as their model. That might help to explain some of the current financial problems . Bill Szabo, Lincoln