Highway 193 still needs safety

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Patty McAlpin’s Jan. 17th article about “Plans to make Highway 193 Safer” included the comment that the shoulders will be a “full 8-foot” wide, which will make them suitable for bike riders.

Once Caltrans completes this project in 2015, it will leave a 0.7-mile stretch of Highway 193 just east of Sierra College Boulevard and west of Fowler Road, without any shoulder whatsoever - zero shoulder. 

This needs to be publicized and addressed, for this stretch, although straight, will pose a continuing vehicle safety hazard and is totally unsuitable for bicycle riding.

I mentioned this in last night’s (Jan. 22) Lincoln City Council meeting and I am now taking this up with the Placer County officials. 

Funding must be found and a plan developed to improve this section of Highway 193.  The sooner this is done, this stretch of highway will become much safer and bicyclists will have a safe, wide-shoulder, access all the way between downtown Lincoln and up to one mile east of Fowler Road.

Bruce Castle, Lincoln