Headless horsemen and other scary thoughts

Friends of the Lincoln Library column
By: By Lora Finnegan, Special to The News Messenger
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Ghosts don’t scare me — even during Halloween week.

Nor do goblins, ghouls or headless horsemen.

OK, maybe headless horsemen do a little. That character from the “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” terrified me as a 5-year-old.

And my sister Pat knew it. After re-reading the story to me, Pat hid behind a corner, buttoned her bathrobe up over her head, held her arms out straight in front of her and jumped out at me, moaning like the Headless Horseman. It almost scared the sheet off me (I was in my ghost costume).

These days, what really gives me nightmares is the thought of a town without a fully functioning library and kids who can’t get enough access to books, computers, and homework help.

That’s why Friends of the Lincoln Library works so hard to raise funds every year.

And that’s why we appreciate your help so much.

Martin Luther King once said, “Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.”

We think the town of Lincoln is pretty great, because of the way so many of you have stepped up to help the Friends.

We’re at the end of a month-long Friends of the Lincoln Library fundraising effort (dubbed the Envelope Campaign, after the self-addressed donations envelope we put in this newspaper on Oct. 4).

It’s been a busy month for the Friends. We addressed the Lincoln City Council, who declared October to be Friends of the Library Month.

We announced our fundraising efforts before the Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce, made speeches before groups, put up countless fliers, reported it on our website, in Facebook, and through advertisements and stories in the newspaper.

We asked a retired college professor and two editors of Sunset Magazine to write columns about how vital libraries are, and they all pitched in happily.

If you didn’t hear about our fundraising efforts, it wasn’t for lack of trying.

You make a difference

Will your $10, $25, $50 or $100 donation make a difference? You bet!

Thanks to your generous donations, we’re well on our way to supporting (in 2013) the programs we (and you) love so much. We’ll use funds for programs such as Mother Goose on the Loose and Summer Reading, and for helping to buy new books, new audio books, DVDs, CDs and other materials for library users to check out.

Have we raised all the money we’ll need in 2013? Not yet.

But will we just give up? Not on your life.

We’ll make sure that little donations envelope is still available in the library for those who haven’t yet had the time to donate (and you can always mail checks to FOLL, Box 394, Lincoln 95648 or use Paypal on our website).

Donations stay local and donations are tax deductible.

And we’ll continue our quarterly book sales and continuous book sale inside the library.

To those who have donated: thanks so much for your support — we won’t let you down.

To those still on the sidelines: it’s not too late to step up. Just think of what Dr. King said and you’ll realize how you, too, can achieve greatness.

On the Calendar

Tuesday, Nov. 13: 6 p.m., Friends’ general membership meeting, Willow Room, Twelve Bridges Library. Drop in for refreshments, the latest library news and a slide talk by author Bruce Robinson. Free.

This column is part of a Friends of the Lincoln Library series. Contact the Friends at 434-2404, at or e-mail Lora Finnegan is a Friends of the Lincoln Library member.