Heading into the postseason

By: Jim Linsdau/News Messenger Sports Editor
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In the Lincoln Little League Majors division, the Giants have punched their ticket for the District 11 Tournament of Champions beginning June 18 at the Tri-City ballpark in Rocklin. Which club will be the ?B? team remains to be seen. The SF Nine will open against Tri-City ?B? 7:30 p.m. June 19. Lincoln is in the process of playing its local postseason TOC ? double elimination. The first team to bow out will come Friday night and Saturday will take a toll as well. After that, it?s a mixed bag. For a breakdown on the local TOC, check the article by Joshua Gutierrez on how the teams stack up. The home run title ended in a tie at 10 dingers each. Both the Giants Preston Eklund and Padres Charles Middleton sounded out that deci-ball note swinging power bats. Closest to them was Chad Bagwell (Yankees) and Gregory Pallas (Padres) with six apiece. Ironically, the Giants (in name only) also took the AAA regular season with an 18-0 record. They, too, are in the middle of their local postseason tournament featuring 11 teams. The mighty Mets ended up in second at the end of the regular season but alas only one Minors team goes to district TOC. The Lincoln AAA Giants will also take on a Tri-City club in the opening game June 16, 1 p.m. at Mid Placer in Newcastle. In the Juniors Division, the Lincoln Ducks and Bulldogs are in a dead heat with two games remaining for each in the second half of the regular season. The Ducks play the Red Sox and end their regular season against the Mariners. The Sox are currently at the bottom of the standings and the Mariners are in fifth out of 12 teams. The Bulldogs have to get by the No. 2 Angels and No. 8 Pirates. However, my guess is the Ducks will get the invite since they were five games ahead of the Bulldogs in the first half of the season. That means the Ducks would make it to the district TOC where they would be scheduled to meet Bear River in the opening game 6 p.m. June 18 at Tri-City. By the way, while at the ballgame look for my new sidekick Joshua Gutierrez; he?s signed on as a stringer (freelance writer) for News Messenger Sports. He?s coming along nicely and plans to be with us over the coming year, which should really help our coverage.