He can solve problems

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I saw on Facebook that Dan Cross is running for Lincoln’s City Council.

It’s a job he was born to do.

In college, his versatility as a committed team player and a solid presence took him from the football field to the theatre. Dan proved to be a great guy in a crisis. When someone forgot lines or the curtain didn’t come down, he was quick-thinking and often our hero!

Dan emerged as a natural leader and problem-solver. For two years, we took our shows on the road and traveled in a van through several states. He was the go-to guy for anyone with a problem. He has a genuine caring for others.

His selfless qualities have served Dan especially well in business and community life, with generosity to his family, friends, church and community. He has lent a helping hand in countless ways to many people. Yet I know he can take a very firm stand when his strong sense of ethics or conscience demands.

He is intelligent, talented, gracious and loves people. And I know he loves Lincoln. He has the vision and ability to take your fair city to new places and expand horizons for everyone.

Cathy Powers, Thousand Oaks