Happy Holidays from Lincoln’s future farmers

FFA column
By: ShelWorkman Special to The News Messenger
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The Lincoln FFA (Future Farmers of America) would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season. We feel very blessed this year to have so much support from our school district and community. We greatly appreciate everyone who purchased a Christmas tree from us during our fundraiser the week after Thanksgiving. We had so many amazing supporters that we sold all 60 trees in only three days, the fastest ever! Thank you so much to everyone. The Lincoln FFA chapter has also been busy lately with local sectional contests. We had 29 participants attend and compete in the Sierra Buttes Sectional contest held at Placer High School on Dec. 8. Each student had the opportunity to compete in two contests: the Best Informed Greenhand Contest (a written exam about the FFA and its history, offered for freshman FFA members only) and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies Public Speaking Contest (where mock officer teams are formed and each “officer” memorizes the lines used to open and close a FFA meeting and recites them as a team in front of judges). Lincoln FFA attained great success this year! Our three students competing in the Best Informed Greenhand Contest were Taylor Hicks, Stefani Del Toro and Cody MacCracken. In the Opening and Closing Ceremonies Contest, we had four teams. The Officer Team, comprised of the 2010-2011 Lincoln FFA officers, were Trevor Petersen, Tyler Newberry, Alyssa Ruiz, Kayla Newberry, Martina De La Rosa, Candace Dudley and Shannon Dudley. The advanced teams (all other FFA members) were split into two teams. Advanced Team A had Nicole Chalk, Joanna Neilson, Kaylee Stiles, Shelby Workman, Kassi Bess and Emily Borsh. Advanced Team B had Anthony Ruiz, Clayton Tyler, Joleen Evans, Colbie Hargan, Marcy Buckner, and Tyler Trueblood. Finally, the Novice Team (freshmen) consisted of members Mackenzie Taylor, Shelby Taylor, Cody MacCracken, Maria Magana, Hope Yelm, Emily Egan and Alyssa Moss. I am so proud to report that the Officer Team won first place (competing against at least 13 other teams) and Martina De La Rosa and Shannon Dudley won High Individual Awards for treasurer and sentinel, respectively. Both Lincoln FFA Advanced Teams made it into the final round (competing against around 24 other teams). I am extremely proud to say that Advanced team B won second place overall and Advanced Team A won sixth place overall. This was a great year and all these Lincoln FFA members should be proud of their hard work and amazing accomplishments! Thank you for an amazing 2010 school year. We look forward to what 2011 will bring for the Lincoln FFA chapter. Shelby Workman is a FFA reporter at Lincoln High School.