Gun salute scary when during school hours

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I have been a teacher in the Western Placer Unified School District for 27 years and counting. I have taught at First Street School for 11 years. In all of those years, I have never heard a gun salute from the cemetery during school hours. However, last Friday, around 1 p.m., my class and I were stunned into silence when we heard three very loud rifle shots. I immediately told my students to get under their desks while I called 9-1-1 and the school office. As I was speaking to the police dispatcher, our custodian came into the room to tell me that it was just a memorial service from across the street. I am all for honoring our veteran heroes during a memorial service but my question to the city of Lincoln is: Shouldn’t schools be alerted when there is going to be a gun salute during school hours? In lieu of several school shootings across our country, not to mention the recent one in Oakland, within the past 10 years or so, those shots were all too real for me and the children. We were all still shaking when we received the clear signal. Thank you for bringing attention to this matter. Maybe the city can pass this information on to the folks who plan these kinds of celebrations. Jeaninne Kato, Lincoln