Greg Sims fondly remembered

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Two weeks ago, Lincoln suffered a loss. We lost Greg Sims.

Greg caused harm to no one but himself.

We couldn’t find an obituary so we don’t know Greg’s age. But we do know that he was too young to die.

Some will remember him as the scruffy guy with a beard who carried a green garbage bag over his shoulder. Some won’t remember him at all.

Others went out of their way to avoid him all together.

To us, Greg was as much a part of Lincoln as anyone else. Behind that beard was a good-looking guy with a gentle disposition.

Greg picked up cans and bottles that businesses, like ours, saved for him. In exchange, he looked out for all of us.

After making his collections, Greg walked south on Lincoln Boulevard to the recycling center at the back of Safeway Plaza. There he redeemed his bag of cans and bottles. That’s how Greg supported himself.

He didn’t look for handouts. Greg didn’t make enough from the sale of bottles and cans to buy new clothes or shoes.

But we won’t remember Greg for how he looked or how he dressed. We will remember Greg Sims for how he was – a gentle man who did the best with what he had.

May he rest in peace.

Diana Burke, Simple Pleasures Restaurant; Terry Dorsey, Dorsey Capital Management; and Kathy Dorsey, Wardrobe