Greenberg takes the helm for Friends of the Library

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By: Carol Percy, Reporter Lincoln News Messenger
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By Carol R. Percy

Lincoln News Messenger Reporter

How did you become involved with Friends of the Library?

Through my love of reading and then meeting members of the Friends while reading at the library. I live in Lincoln Hills and I’ve been going there (to the library) for four years on an average of four to five days a week.

When did you begin to volunteer at the library?

I started helping out right away. I saw things that needed to be done and I said, ‘I can I help.’ I checked in books, helped get ready for the book sales—we have four to five a year. I helped with sorting, pricing and alphabetizing them. I was elected to the board two years ago and then I was appointed president when Lora Finnegan had to resign in late March.

What are the library’s greatest needs?

Money! We new books, new programs. We have Linda DeRosier’s Mother Goose on the Loose two times a day on Thursdays from October to May. It’s a popular interactive reading and language program for infants through preschool. It helps kids to learn basic language and reading skills. And there’s our summer reading program, which we have one time a week. That starts in June and runs six weeks. And the homework center room.

One of our greatest needs is more volunteers. We have 160 to 170 Friends of the Library members but only about 10 to 15 percent actually volunteer. Most of our volunteers come from Lincoln Hills and you can’t guarantee a volunteer’s time. They’re retired; they like to travel, visit family, enjoy other activities. We’d like to bring in more volunteers with young families. Volunteering would give them time to interact with their children and they’ll find out what the library offers.

What do volunteers do?

Basically sort books, put them back on shelves and help with book donations by sorting and carting them. We need help for the summer reading program and the homework center, with fundraisers and outreach for more members.