Grape things happened at inaugural Wine Fest

Scene to be Seen column
By: Kathy Dorsey and Jeeves
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Rotary Club of Lincoln?s inaugural Wine Fest sold out quickly. Last Saturday, hundred of visitors, with their glasses and passports in hand, visited downtown Lincoln businesses to sample wines from nine local wineries and finger foods from nine local restaurants. Award-winning Awful Annie?s Restaurant, located at 490 G St., and Rancho Roble Vineyards, located at 340 Fleming Road, were big hits despite being inadvertently left off the passport. Crowds lined G Street for a chance to taste sandwiches prepared by Awful Annie?s owner Jai Baker and wine poured by Rancho Roble Vineyards? owner Mark Adams. As word of mouth traveled about their offerings, Awful Annie?s Kayla Kesnow was kept busy as she served Baker?s signature cashew-chicken salad. Adams took a brief leave to bring in more cases of wine, especially his 2008 Barbera that brought visitors back for second and even third tastes. Gerry Lyons of Wave Broadband stopped by to capture the action for his show, ?News And Views? which appears every Wednesday on local cable channel 4 at 6:30 p.m. For those who couldn?t get in to taste or couldn?t attend the Wine Fest, no passport is required for future visits to Awful Annie?s and Rancho Roble Vineyards where all that they have to offer can be enjoyed. Visit to look at menus, learn more about Awful Annie?s history in both its Lincoln and Auburn locations plus sign up for e-mail specials. Visit to learn more Rancho Roble Vineyards? wines, its history and to arrange tours and wine-tasting events. Rancho Roble?s Adams is also current president of Placer County Wine and Grape Association. Joy to odes ... Poets Club of Lincoln?s eighth annual Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest is now accepting entries. Saturday, July 28 is the deadline for this year?s contest. All poets can compete under five new categories: ?What Money Can?t Buy,? ?Unbelievable but True,? ?A Very Special Year,? ?Reaching for the Stars? and ?My Most Embarrassing Moment.? Contest coordinator Alan Lowe advises that poets may submit a maximum of three poems but no more than one in different categories. Poets who are 18-years of age or under are encouraged to participate under the special ?Young Poets? category. Entry forms and contest rules are available at the front desk at Twelve Bridges Library, 485 Twelve Bridges Road or via its website at For more information about ?Voices of Lincoln,? call Alan at 408-1274 or e-mail more information about Poets Club of Lincoln, e-mail President Sue Clark at Minor adjustments ? Arlene and Dick Huser celebrated their wedding anniversary at their Lincoln home with a party catered by Mimi?s Café. Forty years ago, Arlene and Dick promised to ?love, honor and adjust.? No adjustments were necessary last Sunday when family and friends helped them celebrate. Guests included Judge Eddie and Davis Keller, Robin and Wil White, Ted Widing, Gene and April Rapp plus Estelle and Warren Holway who celebrated nine years of marriage on Friday. As a special treat, Ronnie and Shelley Elkan of Roseville?s ?Bite the Bullett? performed two numbers, ?Have a Nice Day? and Dick Huser?s favorite, ?Orange Blossom Special.? Both Ronnie and Shelley are Hall of Fame members of the Western Swing Society. Just in from Jeeves ... Jeeves regularly watches Lincoln City Council on cable television. Last week was no exception. During the public comments portion of the meeting (Item 7 of the agenda), three audience members addressed City Council. Two of these three express their comments at almost every council meeting. Jeeves regularly expresses his comments in this column. But readers can turn the page or put the paper down if they don?t like what he has to say. And they can share their dislike with other readers by means of letters to his editor. City Councilmen do not have these luxuries. They have to listen to all public comments, regardless of substance, style or sentiment. The third person, who spoke during last week?s meeting, hails from Newcastle. City Council listened to him too. Jeeves is not sure why. After all, he?s from another city. Yet he often attends Lincoln City Council meetings Nonetheless, Jeeves, like the City Councilmen, paid attention to the natter from Newcastle. Jeeves was surprised by what he heard. This visitor would prefer that the Lincoln City Councilmen hold off making any decisions with respect to ?multi-year agreements? with city employees because of the upcoming election. Jeeves wondered what would happen if our City Council stopped making decisions on this and all other issues between now and Nov. 6. The Downtown Dogs suggested that City Council might look like our federal and state governments. He wasn?t sure what they meant until after he left the Downtown Dogs behind in Beermann Plaza. Jeeves walked south on F Street until he came to Fifth Street where there are stop signs at each corner. He saw cars come together at this intersection from four different directions. Jeeves wondered what would happen if none of the drivers made a decision to move. By watching, he determined that four lines of cars and trucks would eventually form. Then traffic would back up and gridlock would ensue beyond the boundaries marked by this corner. Jeeves now knew what the Downtown Dogs meant about our state and federal governments. The Downtown Dogs see nothing but government gridlock. Jeeves doesn?t want to see gridlock come to Lincoln. So he?s happy that our City Councilmen make decisions. And Jeeves was happy to hear Lincoln Mayor Spencer Short say that he doesn?t let the prospect of a pending election affect his decision to make decisions. Maybe decisions are made differently in Newcastle. Or maybe they?re not made at all. Jeeves doesn?t know. Regardless, he sees no back-ups at the corner of F and Fifth streets. Cars and trucks move ahead without interference. Jeeves hopes that we see our City Councilmen move ahead, despite the natter from Newcastle. If you have upcoming events that you wish to appear in Scene to be Seen, please call Kathy Dorsey at 645-0660 or e-mail JustInFromJeeves@ This column may or may not necessarily express the opinions of The Lincoln News Messenger.