Grand jury tours Lincoln library

By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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Although Placer County Grand Jury members visited the Twelve Bridges Library last month, the watchdog organization is not investigating the library. That’s according to Ruth Braun, who is this year’s grand jury forewoman. The grand jury’s school and libraries committee visited the Twelve Bridges Library on Nov. 15, according to Friends of the Lincoln Library member Shirley Russell. She led the committee on a tour of the library. “The group is visiting all of the public libraries in Placer County,” Braun said. “Lincoln is not singled out and it’s not an investigation. It’s a tour.” Braun said the grand jury’s school and libraries committee is touring the libraries of Placer County to “get a feel for what they look like and their procedures.” “It’s nothing out of the ordinary,” Braun said. Russell said she was asked to give the tour by the city of Lincoln’s library coordinator Renae Mahaffey. “We walked around and I showed them all of the artwork, great little places people could study, the computers and computer lab,” Russell said. “It was 12:30 p.m. on a Tuesday, a half hour before the public came in so I could show them freely the layout of the library.” Most committee members had not been to the Twelve Bridges Library, according to Russell, so they “wanted to take a look.” Russell said the grand jury members comments ranged from calling the library “beautiful” to “what an offering to the public.” “I was delighted to be asked to show off all of the offerings that the Twelve Bridges Library has to offer to the public because a lot of people don’t know what we have out there,” Russell said. “I was trying to show off our library and what a tremendous thing we have to offer to the public and that was a bit political. I want to save it.”