Government, residents need to work together on budget problems

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I can't imagine an All-America city like Lincoln without library, police and fire services! Some in our city say, “Forget libraries. With all our digital capabilities and Internet resources, we don’t need them and their expenses.” And others like the “tea party’er” say, “trim the management fat and no more taxes for any city services.” The realistic answer is we need a joint cooperative effort of city government leadership and staff managers and its citizens working together and committed to doing the right things. City government needs to provide open communication on all facets of the current budget problems and the alternatives to fund the essential services. At the same time, we need a city populace willing to step up and take responsibility to work cooperatively with city government, making hard decisions on personal budget allocations to help fund revenue shortfalls in essential services, including a willingness to support short-term tax increases if necessary. It’s an American tradition that solutions to difficult problems can be achieved when government and its citizens work together. Now is that time. We congratulate and thank the Lincoln News Messenger and reporter Stephanie Dumm for their outstanding community service in reporting on all elements of Lincoln’s current budget problems. David J. Gordon, Lincoln