Go to council meetings

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I am writing about the front-page article in the March 14 Messenger, titled “Council OKs bridge repairs.”

The first part of this article is what I am upset about regarding the council’s decision to delay the hiring of a contractor to handle economic development services.  The Messenger stated that Peter Gilbert wanted the “lower-priced bid” to be considered. 

This just is not accurate.  What he said is that he felt he had a fiduciary obligation to look at all four bids and that he had only received two of them. 

Also The Messenger interviewed Spencer Short (as they seem to do often) and he stated that “some of the council members supported the selection of a political appointee who lacks proper qualifications for the job.”  This is also inaccurate. No council member stated that.  I get tired of The Messenger interviewing Short and his opinions, which are inaccurate, being published! 

I watch the council meetings every time on Wave 18 and I know what was said!  Readers, if you really want to know what is said, go to the council meetings, watch on TV or go to the city website and watch the video of the meeting.  The video is usually available Thursday after the council meeting every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. 

Support your council by knowing what is really going on.  Then, if you have an opinion, they are very willing to listen.

Lena Labosky, Lincoln