Glen Edwards Middle School comings and goings

By: Kelsie Silva, Special to The News Messenger
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Glen Edwards Middle School had a magazine drive to help raise money for the school so we can have awesome activities like dances, rallies, honors barbeque and much more. GEMS would like to thank all of the students for their support to our school and for the students who fundraise. There were lots of activities and prizes such as chicken toss for money. There was one prize for the student who sold the most magazines, Jake Stern. His reward was to be principal for the day and our principal, Mr. (Michael) Doherty, had to go to all of his classes. Students and teachers played a practical joke on Mr. Doherty, as he was late to his first class. Therefore, he was sent to the office. GEMS has a lot coming up, like RED Ribbon Week. In addition, the sixth-graders get to go to Shady Creek, the Harvest Carnival and more. Remember, GEMS rocks! Kelsie Silva is the Glen Edwards Middle School historian