Giving hope to residents

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An $80,000 deficit took its toll on The Gathering Inn last summer.  For six weeks, the door to showers, clean clothes and nightly shelter was closed.

The community felt the impact:  hospitals experienced an increase of emergency room visits; police felt the impact of more people on the street; and the business community realized having a gathering place for the less fortunate was a good thing.

From July 30 to Sept.16, 2012, board members and supporters worked hard and $150,000 was raised – special thanks to Wells Fargo ($80,000), Kaiser Permanente ($10,000) and Sutter Hospitals ($10,000) as well as to the hundreds of individuals who donated $50,000.

The opening doors were a welcome sight to more than 120 people who were new to homelessness (October 2012 to March 2013).

 Today, The Gathering Inn can celebrate the placement of 282 guests in housing (in the past two years), the opening of the dental clinic and the continuation of a partnership with more than 60 area churches who have embraced The Gathering Inn’s mission to be a hand up for the neediest among us.

We also celebrate the success of guests who have found their home and a new way of life.

 A 62-year-old veteran is a prime reason for celebration this summer. “Sam” (not his real name) has lived on the streets for the past 30 years. After serving our country, he couldn’t find his place in society and became dependent on alcohol. The road to recovery was steep. In his earliest days at The Gathering Inn, he couldn’t look at anyone, talk to anyone or even begin to understand how to get where he thought he wanted to be. The Gathering Inn staff earned his trust and friendship, then directed him to veterans’ services, housing and a new life.  Now he lives in his own apartment – where he sleeps on the floor despite a brand new bed.

Thank you for believing in The Gathering Inn’s ability to make a difference to Placer County’s homeless.

Suzi deFosset, MA,  The Gathering Inn executive director, Roseville