Gilbert understands the fiduciary role

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In managing the city of Lincoln, the council has to control overhead expenses, monitor personnel costs and spend the revenue in a meaningful but conservative manner. It is no place for a “tax and spend” philosophy. What is needed is strong and transparent fiscal management with a business background. There are two incumbents running for re-election. In order to evaluate their suitability for another term, one has to look backward at their past record. During their term in office, they adopted or consented to the following ill-advised “tax and spend items,” providing lifetime medical benefits for council members, reckless spending spree without adequate funding and creating a current debt of more than $21 million. Collectively, these items have a substantial impact on the financial health of Lincoln and they are indicative of the attitude of the incumbent council members seeking re-election, who would spend money in a lavish manner contrary to prudent business practices. Peter Gilbert has a vast background in both private industry and public government and his record clearly indicates that he understands his fiduciary role in spending other people’s money in a meaningful and conservative manner. He is opposed to a “tax and spend” philosophy. He seeks to raise revenue without increasing taxes, support increasing police and fire protection and revitalize our library. I would urge the voters to review his credentials and support him in the coming election. Jack Orlove Sr., Lincoln Editor’s note: There are a number of inaccuracies in this letter, according to the city of Lincoln’s finance department: 1) The council has dealt with the lifetime health care issue by reducing it to the legally permitted level in July 2012. 2) The debt indicated has guaranteed funding sources typically from places other than the General Fund aside from one payment and have been in place for many years. 3) The items Orlove has listed do not have a material effect on the city’s financial stability. None of these issues have a significant impact as indicated by city audits. The city has a very strong credit rating, has had 12-plus years of balanced budgets, maintains a moderate reserve account and has significantly reduced expenditures over the last several years.