Gilbert, Short and Joiner for council; then Cross

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The city of Lincoln has faced severe fiscal challenges during the last two years and is attempting to find a level of fiscal sustainability that will allow our community to see some orderly growth and prosperity in the years ahead.

Those challenges require a City Council comprised of individuals who have demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to accomplish this task.

Now is not the time to elect inexperienced candidates who have failed to show that they have the ability to make the difficult decisions required of a council member.

I believe that the city will best be served by the election of three candidates whom have proven their abilities in this area as follows:

Peter Gilbert - I served on the county of San Mateo Criminal Justice Council with Peter when he was serving as mayor for Foster City. I have also had the opportunity to watch him serve as chairperson for the Lincoln Hills Community Association where he demonstrated his skills as a team player and a consensus builder.

Spencer Short and Paul Joiner - I served on city committees with both Spencer and Paul, and have watched them make the tough decisions recently that were necessary to create a budget that moves us in the right direction. Both have devoted hundreds of hours of their personal time to meetings and events as evidence of their commitment to the citizens of Lincoln. They are proven leaders.

A fourth vote for City Council is not allowed, since we are electing for three positions. If a fourth vote was allowed, I would also be including Dan Cross based on his proven record as a community leader as well as the experience and his demonstrated skills as a team player.

Please remember to vote on Nov. 6!

Jim Datzman, Lincoln