Get fit with your family

Fitness column
By: Kacie Bryant, Special to The News Messenger
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If you are using your husband/wife or children as a reason you are not eating healthy or exercising, I have some tips. I have heard the excuses that “I don’t have time to exercise because I’m taking care of my family” or “My husband is a meat-and-potatoes person and I cook for him.”  As far as changing your family’s diet to a healthier one, start slow. Don’t expect your kids to relish tofu tacos the first day. Start by sneaking in food such as reduced fat dairy products, sliced fruit as a side dish or vegetables incorporated into omelets, mashed potatoes and rice. Add berries or cinnamon in cereal or oatmeal instead of sugar. Family time can be spent picking a healthy recipe, shopping for the foods and preparing the meal. As a family, you can all become more educated about the benefits of healthy eating and learn how to prepare great tasting meals from health food cookbooks. We all need quality time with our children and spouse, and we all need exercise so why not combine them? With young children, a walk with the stroller is perfect. The bigger the wheels, the better. Go to a mall if the weather is bad. See if your local fitness studio has child care; some include workouts with your babies. With older children, set aside time for family activity such as bike riding, a beach or river day, or a picnic with a football, baseball and horseshoes. Even a game of hide and seek or tag is fun. The most important aspect is setting a good example. You want your children and your spouse to live a long healthy life. For your children, the younger you start them on the road to health, the easier it will be and the better the chances of them carrying it to their adult lives. Kacie Bryant is a trainer at Guiding Fitness in Lincoln. 626-7739,