The future of Lincoln

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In 2012, when the bypass is hopefully completed, Lincoln’s character will completely change. No longer will logging trucks and huge semis lumber down G Street. These changes and events call for the town to re-invent itself. Lincoln needs to become a “destination.” A definition of this term is a place where people would plan to visit, a place they could and would congregate day and night. To accomplish this goal, many things have to happen. All of them require tons of money and time. The money we don’t have, not at present. We can’t even keep our firehouses open and fully staffed. Hopefully, the recession will make a more rapid recovery than at the current pace. Lincoln does have options, some of which should have been done a long time ago. First, let’s get rid of the G Street name and call it Main Street, which is what it should have been named years ago. Secondly, let’s erect a sign at the entrance of town telling all who venture this way that they are, indeed, in the city of Lincoln. It’s not a totally inspiring sign but, at least, it is fitting and similar in style to the construction that has occurred over the past 10 years. I know it’s been a while since the last sign but why isn’t there a sign today? I know there are plans for Lincoln once Cal-Trans cedes Highway 65 to the city and that the business association has some ideas as well but here are some thoughts about the city’s future as a “destination.” This is a wish list at best. A movie complex is critical and mandatory. We need to bring people into town day and night. This will encourage owners to build restaurants and shops. One of the most difficult projects will be to “clean up” Main Street. There are some empty lots and really ugly businesses established along Main Street. These need to be moved to the side streets. Traffic signals need to be re-timed for the new traffic flow. We need a hotel for visitors. We also need to create off-street parking. The list is endless. To make Lincoln a viable and thriving city in the future, we must have a plan and a vision of the future. Small steps are a way to start today. David Whorf, Lincoln