Fundraising sweetly for Community Christian Schools

By: Carol Percy, Reporter Lincoln News Messenger
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Community Christian Schools featured 80 homemade desserts at its 12th annual “Dessert Extravaganza and Auction” Saturday night at the Lincoln Community Center.

The fundraising event featured 80 homemade desserts for tasting and sale, two auctions and displays from the Community Christian Schools classrooms.

Forty-two celebrity judges included Lincoln Councilmen Peter Gilbert, Gabriel Hydrick, Paul Joiner, Spencer Short and Mayor Stan Nader.

Other judges included school Principal Julie Bline, Dr. Lyndell Grey, Fran Neves, Cherie Weygandt, Lincoln Police Chief Dan Ruden, Lincoln Fire Chief Mike Davis and Placer County Sheriff Ed Bonner.

 “We host this fundraiser every spring and it helps the school bridge the gap between tuition and operating expenses. It funds enrichment programs, curriculum, Bible leadership, physical education, art, music and Spanish,” said the nonprofit school Principal Julie Bline.

The fundraiser goal was $30,000, according to Bline. She didn’t have the number available of how much was raised, as of press time Wednesday.

Additional donations can be made to the school at 645-6280.