FSC member likes Peter Gilbert

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As a member of the Lincoln fiscal sustainability committee, I had the opportunity to see the city’s functioning at a detailed level. The single biggest obstacle to moving the city forward is the debt the city carries. Primarily, the $4 million in annual debt service payments that the city makes to its creditors. It is because of this fact that I believe the same perspective and judgment that got us into this situation cannot get us out. The city needs new vision, new insight and new perspective. It is because of this that I am endorsing Peter Gilbert for City Council. Peter has done this job before; he has faced many of these same challenges when on the City Council in Foster City. The city needs his experience, both from the public sector and from private business. I encourage the citizens of Lincoln to reach out to the candidates and find out where they stand on the issues important to you. There are several other good, high-quality candidates. I am impressed with the commitment of Allen Cuenca, David Kawas and Paul Joiner; each displaying a strong connection to Lincoln. Do your research and be an informed voter. Michael Miller, Lincoln