Fruitvale School Saturday Family Nite promotes family

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I am writing this letter on behalf of the children and families at Fruitvale who wish to thank you and your reporter for supporting their school and programs with so many wonderful articles and pictures month after month. The article last week on the Fruitvale School Saturday Family Nite (front page, Feb. 3, “Family members enjoy each other’s company”) was outstanding. In a nutshell, it captured the essence of our beloved school and the fun the children and their families have. Your reporter, Stephanie Dumm, did such a good job of summarizing the event with the story of the family who attended last Saturday and who spent the evening playing UNO. She quoted them as saying that they realized they could sit at home and play UNO. However, they also realized that if they stayed at home, the family would not gather around a table and spend two hours laughing, talking and playing with each other. Exactly. The simple fact is that many of these events and activities would not happen if it weren’t for the regular and special attention The News Messenger gives to the program that helps to grow it and to sustain it. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Lyndell Grey, Lincoln