Fruitvale barbecue a success

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We would like to thank the Lincoln community for supporting the Fruitvale School Association at the annual fund raising barbecue held June 5. Despite threats of thunderstorms, the illness of one third of the children scheduled to be in our little play, the fact that I had managed to break my back three weeks prior and couldn't do the required letters, phone calls and errands to make the event a success, it was a success! Don Derobertis did a remarkable job convincing guests that they really did want to pay $200 for a little jar of homemade student strawberry jam as well as contribute hundreds of dollars for celebrity pies and cakes. Supervisor Robert Weygandt convinced guests that, despite the black threatening sky overhead, being outside was just where they wanted to be. The numerous supporters of the Fruitvale School made sure that every part of the program was completed, including the delicious tri tip beef barbequed by Jim Bachman. Numerous community and business leaders stepped in to make the delicious auctioned desserts: Mark Fowler, volunteer Fruitvale School teacher; Kathy Dorsey’s Jeeves; Gale Hall, Kiwanis Club; Shirley Russell, community leader and library supporter; David Baker, Robbjack Corporation president; Kim Strong from Kim's Country Kitchen; and David Lightfoot, an I.T. teacher and cartoonist. We even received a large contribution for a pie that Stephanie Dumm couldn't make because of a sudden family tragedy that kept her from the event. Rancho Roble Vineyards provided the tantalizingly delectable wine for the dinner and numerous businesses gave gift certificates such as the $100 certificate from Fowler Nurseries. The evening air was filled with the lovely musical notes of Gene Thorpe and Scott Ruskauff. Several loyal supporters gave generous contributions even if they couldn't attend the event and Troy Scott did a building repair just prior to the event and as usual, John Wilson provided acreage from his pasture for parking. Jeeves (Kathy Dorsey) and The Lincoln News Messenger insured that word got out to the public about the event. On June 27, the Fruitvale Summer Camp program for our Lincoln children will begin and as usual, the price per child will be amazingly inexpensive because of the BBQ. So thank you to all of these people who ensure the continued existence and service to the community of this little old 1889 school house. Lyndell Grey, Lincoln