Friends and activities keep Marlene Norris here in Lincoln

By: Carol Feineman, Editor
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Family was why Marlene Norris moved to the two-year-old Sun City Lincoln Hills in May 2001. But she stayed in Lincoln Hills for the lifestyle. Norris, now 78, discovered Lincoln Hills when her son and daughter-in-law, Bill and Joy Hamilton, invited her up for a visit. The Hamiltons had moved from Morgan Hill near San Jose to Lincoln Hills in 2000. They were buying a small business nearby and enjoyed the Lincoln Hills amenities. “I liked it so much when Bill brought me up here,” said Norris, at the time recently widowed. “There was so much to do. I grabbed my mother, who was living with me in Santa Barbara and I’ve been happy living here ever since.” She’s proud of the 10th anniversary that the development celebrates this week. “I think that Lincoln Hills has matured,” Norris said. “Our grounds have grown and are beautiful. It’s like living in a park. Our friendships have grown closer; I love my friends like sisters.” What made her pick up and move across the state, Norris reminisced, was the Del Webb concept of a community with residents “living their lives out with lots of activities to keep you young.” Since moving to Lincoln eight years ago, her daily calendar is so filled up, Norris joked, that she has to schedule dates to stay at home. “They have so much to do. We can take buses to the big shows in downtown Sacramento and take tours across the world,” Norris said. “And, of course, I love my duplicate bridge at least four days a week. There are 40 to 45 tables on Wednesday alone at Kiloga Lodge. Plus I’ve enjoyed computer classes, arts and crafts, and swimming.” Her favorite part of being here revolves around these activities and the residents, or as Norris said, “being close to my friends and having something to do every day, looking forward to every day.” It’s not as if the vivacious Norris wasn’t living in highly desirable locations before. She lived throughout the country and in Santa Barbara County from 1987 to 2001. And she lived in Los Gatos 23 years ago in a condominium that overlooked the lovely Vasona Lake near the scenic Santa Cruz Mountains and less than a mile from several popular and fun downtown restaurants and shops. A friend of my mother’s, Norris babysat for me a few times and I can still picture her perfect Los Gatos condo. With that said, Norris doesn’t want to be anywhere else but in Lincoln Hills. “I have to say my favorite place over the years would be my hometown of Pasadena where I was raised,” Norris said, “and the next happiest time of my life is being here. I thank God I have this wonderful place to live and that I have the friends I have here.” Lincoln Hills residents live busy and active lifestyles, Norris said. “I couldn’t be happier. This was a good move. In this community, I can safely say I know 300 or 400 people. We’re a close community,” Norris said. “And Lincoln is a most charming little town. That had lots to do with my living here. I love the small-town atmosphere.” Carol Feineman can be reached at