Franchising suggested for solid waste

By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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Franchising solid waste was a recommendation made by the enterprise fund subcommittee Friday night. Subcommittee chairman Dan Karleskint proposed the recommendation. “The recommendation was not because of any need with regard to the solid waste enterprise. Solid waste funds are solid, customer service is good and customer satisfaction is good,” Karleskint said. “The reason for franchising is that it can generate much needed cash and long-term income to help solve the structural deficit identified by the General Fund study group.” For the Lincoln Regional Airport, it was recommended that fuel sales be adjusted, the cost of hangar rentals be reviewed and increased, and that the city “contract with a firm for management of the airport.” The committee also recommended that “the city place priority on the airport as a key means of economic development.” For transit, the committee recommended talking with Placer County Transit and other agencies about “the potential of outsourcing the operations of Lincoln Transit to them as a cost reduction.” Outsourcing transit could “improve fare box recovery and cost to revenue equality,” according to the committee. For wastewater and water, the committee recommended an inventory be done “of all underground assets” to establish “age, expected life time and replacement costs.”