Founding based on wrong info

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As a Lincoln homeowner and truck driver, I found the (Jan. 26, page A6) letter from Jonathan Houk, “Why are trucks still downtown?” to be a little naive. The city of Lincoln was founded on the trafficking of products. First coal, then clay and produce. Farmers would haul their crops into Lincoln to be shipped by rail, thus creating highways for them to arrive here. Today, these same highways continue to be used as a means of transporting goods to and from the Lincoln area. Without these highways, major companies like Sierra Pacific, Gladding Mc Bean, Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Raley’s, Safeway, Lincoln Airport and Syar would be unable to ship or receive their goods. These companies are very important to the livelihood of our city. Maybe, you should be asking why businesses are located on these highways? The bypass is to ease traffic caused by travelers and not our own commerce. Take a good look around. Everything you see was brought here by way of a truck. You remind me of the folks who bought homes by the railroad tracks and then wanted them to move the tracks! Barbara White, Lincoln