Foskett Regional Park has many problems

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What happened? The first time I saw this new park was at my daughter’s soccer practice in August. I was excited about seeing the new park and was anticipating seeing a park we can be proud of, such as the one in Ripon, a similar-size city, which is well-known for a high quality sports complex it built for the community. Instead, I was extremely disappointed in the sports fields that had been constructed. My family walked through over-saturated squishy grass to get to a bone-dry dead grass field for my daughter to practice on. Walking around the park, I have seen stagnant puddles of water, which makes a great mosquito breeding ground. At our first game on one of the fields, the field sloped so much that when the smaller kids were on the other side of the field, you could barely see their heads and you could not tell if the ball was in or out of bounds. Moving around the park, I have overheard several conversations about what was done wrong in the construction of these sports fields. Obviously, proper draining is a huge issue. The sitting city council should be ashamed of the poorly constructed park they have spent our tax dollars on. I believe they owe the citizens of Lincoln an explanation of how they allowed this to happen. Personally, unless I receive a reasonable explanation from the sitting city council members, I do not plan to vote for any of them. There is someone running for city council that I believe would look out for the Lincoln citizens’ best interest on such projects. His name is Stan Nader. Stan has farmed land just a few miles from Foskett Regional Park. He understands the drainage and soil needs of the land in the Lincoln area. Too bad no one on our current city council understood the needs of this land. In my opinion, they wasted the money of the citizens of Lincoln on shoddy construction. I believe Stan’s understand of agriculture will be of great benefit to the city of Lincoln in the development or improvement of other park lands in Lincoln. Our kids deserve a city council that can make sure high-quality sports fields are built in our city, not just sports fields. Please join me in voting for Stan Nader for city council. Our “All America City” did not build us an “All American Park.” Cindy Prentice, Lincoln