Former mayor supports current Mayor Short

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I am writing this letter in support of Spencer Short for City Council.

Lincoln has been home to me and my family for three generations. It is a wonderful community, welcoming to its newest citizens and proud of its heritage.

The last five years have been challenging and severely tested the cooperation between government, the business community, nonprofits and individual citizens that, along with volunteerism, has been the hallmark of Lincoln living.

The next several years will continue to challenge our city’s ability to deliver needed services while living within its means. There will continue to be differences over how best to accomplish this.

The solutions require listening to our citizens and the ability and experience to work with other elected officials in our local area.

Spencer had made hard decisions in order to balance our current budget, helping to negotiate over $4,000,000 in savings from employee costs since 2008. He understands that his first priority is not to let the city’s expenses exceed its revenue.

But Spencer also understands that now is not the time to stop thinking about Lincoln’s future.

Spencer is committed to:

• Continued improvement of our downtown and additional development of our airport.

• Completing the Placer County Conservation Plan to insure that the balance between future growth and open space and agricultural land is preserved for future generations.

• Increasing our police and fire protection and maintaining Lincoln’s position as the safest city in the area.

Spencer has developed close working relationships with other decision makers in the area as evidenced by his endorsements. He is supported and respected by public safety groups, labor groups, business groups and community leaders.

Spencer has the knowledge and experience that our town needs to prosper in the coming years.

Please join me in supporting Spencer Short for City Council.

Primo Santini, Lincoln