Former mayor says to vote for Linda Stackpoole

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I am writing to ask you to vote for Linda Stackpoole on Nov. 2. Linda is a lifelong Lincoln resident and we have known each other since we were children. Linda has a love for this community that goes back to our time spent playing pickup baseball games on local vacant lots, through summers spent swimming at McBean Pool, and up to and through our serving together for two years on the Lincoln City Council. Linda knows that there are two parts to being an elected official - leading and listening. She continues to listen to the voters and learn more about the issues. Linda does not believe she has all the answers but she will ask all the questions and give careful consideration to all sides, before making a decision. Linda is open, direct and accessible. You will never have a conversation with Linda and come away from it without knowing where she stands and how she came to that position. This is a refreshing, and rare trait, in a politician- a label that Linda could never wear well; it just does not fit her. I believe that Linda Stackpoole is well qualified, in temperament and knowledge, to continue to serve the community she has always called her home, and that she wants to do so for all the right reasons. I ask you to give strong consideration to voting for Linda Stackpoole on Nov. 2. Primo Santini, Lincoln