Fly your flag with pride

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Living in a small town like Lincoln has big advantages like having a paper such as The News Messenger that recognizes the importance of flying the flag, emblem of our freedom and the overwhelming sacrifices that have been made to give us that freedom. To me, it is as much a ?living thing? as any human and deserves our honor and respect. For years, my dream was to have a flag in my front yard flying high on a flagpole. Finally, we saw that dream come true in June 2009. Our joy was short lived when our Lincoln Crossing Homeowners told us it had to come down as it was in violation of the CCR?s. We tried reasoning with the board without success about the deep meaning the flag had for us, the numerous members of my family who have served going back to the Civil War. In desperation, we took it to the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) and after a battle that concluded in November of that year, the HOA said it could stay up. During that process, they came up with several ridiculous ways we could fly the flag, like a 5? flag on a 10? pole or move it back 10? which would have put it inside the fence. In the end, right won out but HOA still tried to flex a little muscle in saying all must be done by protocol. I had researched protocol thoroughly, the do?s and don?ts, and we proudly fly our flag 365 days a year with a solar light at the top at night. Do not let your rights be trampled on. Be proud to fly Old Glory! It brings tears to my eyes every time I see the presentation of colors. If I had my way, it would be a federal offense to dishonor our flag in anyway, upside down, burning, trampling. What would happen if it were the Koran? If you do not love our flag and all it represents, take a hike to Iran, Palestine or China and see what your rights are. Patriots forever. Wesley and Dorothy James