Firefighters have passion for helping others

Best of the Best
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Best firefighter Winner: Capt. Scott Lombardi Location: Lincoln Fire Department Phone: 645-4040 Capt. Scott Lombardi, a firefighter for the past 12 years, has served the city of Lincoln for the last six and a half years of that time. Readers of the Lincoln News Messenger voted Lombardi Best Firefighter. “I was happy to find out,” Lombardi said. With only 21 firefighters who serve “on the line” – crewing the engines and going on calls – Lombardi said the award is something that should be shared by the entire department. “We’re all the best of the best and we work equally hard,” Lombardi said. With the fire department currently being “severely understaffed,” according to Lombardi, the firefighters are constantly busy and the continuing budget crisis causes a lot of additional stress for the firefighters. Despite that, Lombardi said the firefighters are all in the department because of a passion for helping others and he said he “loves the camaraderie inherent” in his job. ~ Brandon Darnell