Fire Log for the week ending Dec. 5

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The Lincoln Fire Department responded to 60 calls for service during the week ending Dec. 5. The incident totals and types included: 41 Emergency Medical Service calls - (Medical Aids) 3 Fire – Including two chimney fires and one oven fire 2 Hazardous Condition – Including two motor-oil spills in storm drain 7 Public Assists 5 Good Intents 3 False Alarms The Lincoln Fire Department was dispatched to two chimney fires. The first fire was reported by a caller who was driving by and noticed the stovepipe glowing red with sparks shooting out. When firefighters arrived, they contacted the home’s occupant. The owner explained that he had put too much wood into the stove making the fire and the pipe too hot. Firefighters removed some wood fuel from the stove and used a small amount of water to extinguish the fire. The second chimney fire was a fire in the pipe of another freestanding wood stove. When firefighters arrived, the fire was already extinguished. Firefighters double-checked to make sure the fire had not extended into the attic and would not ignite again. In addition to the chimney fires, there was also an oven fire. When firefighters arrived, they found a small cooking fire contained in the oven. Firefighters rapidly extinguished the fire before it could spread. The Lincoln Fire Department was also dispatched to two hazardous-condition calls. Both calls were for what appeared to be motor oil in a local storm drain. Firefighters contacted the Lincoln Police Department, who then contacted the person thought to have dumped the oil. The man said that he was loading a bucket with about five courts of motor oil into his truck when his hand slipped, causing the bucket to spill. Placer County Environmental Health was contacted about the issue for documentation. Information was provided by the Lincoln Fire Department. If you need further information, please call 645-4040.