Fire Log

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Fire Log for the three weeks ending Jan. 30 The Lincoln Fire Department responded to 199 calls for the three weeks ending Jan. 30. The incident totals and types included: 152 Emergency Medical Service calls - (Medical Aids) 3 Fire – Including two small campfires 4 Hazardous Condition – Including a car battery split open in roadway 9 Public Assists 25 Good Intents 6 False Alarms The Lincoln Fire Department was dispatched to an oven fire where the igniter would not turn off. The homeowner told firefighters that she and her daughter were cooking when the pot slipped out of her daughter’s hands and broke the stove knob. The knob broke off and ignited natural gas leaking from where the knob used to be. The igniter would not stop clicking. When firefighters entered the home, they did not see flames but confirmed the igniter was on. Firefighters were able to shut off the gas and advised the owners to call a repairman before using the oven again. The second hazardous condition call was for a power line arcing into the branches of a tree. Firefighters arrived to find the arcing power lines, made sure there was no immediate danger and contacted PG&E. Firefighters remained on scene until PG&E arrived. The third hazardous condition call was for a car battery that split open and spilled acid on the roadway. Firefighters arrived to find a minimal amount of acid spilling out the battery. The spill was picked up and the battery was taken to a proper disposal site by the city of Lincoln’s Public Services Department. The last hazardous condition call was for a fence blown into the roadway and blocking a lane in the roadway. Lincoln Police Department assisted the firefighters in taking apart the fence and placing it on the property. The Fire Department was dispatched to three fires. The first was a chimney fire. The homeowner told firefighters she saw sparks and smoke coming from the freestanding wood stove in her home. Firefighters found a small fire in the chimney. The fire was rapidly extinguished and the homeowner was advised to clean the chimney before use. The second was a small warming fire in use by a man. The firefighters contacted Lincoln Police Department to assist. The third fire was at a local construction site. Firefighters arrived to find a smoldering campfire, which they quickly extinguished. Information was provided by the Lincoln Fire Department.