Fire Log

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Fire Log for the Week Ending Oct. 24 The Lincoln Fire Department responded to 51 calls for service during the week ending Oct. 24. The incident totals and types included: 32 Emergency Medical Service calls – (Medical Aids) 2 Hazardous Conditions – Including a porta-potty tipped over and a residence cleaning a paint sprayer in the storm drain 8 Public Assists 7 Good Intents 2 False Alarms The Lincoln Fire Department was dispatched to two hazardous-condition calls. The first call was for a porta potty that was tipped over with leaking contents. When the firefighters arrived, they found the leak stopped. The firefighters attempted to contact the company with no answer so they called the Parks and Recreation Department to assist in mitigating the spill. The firefighters isolated the area. The second hazardous-condition call was for a local resident cleaning his paint sprayer in the storm drain. When firefighters arrived, they contacted the homeowner who said the paint was soluble and it was a minimal amount of paint. The firefighters checked the drain and found no sign of paint. They informed the owner about the possible dangers to the environment of paint being dumped in the storm drain. Information was provided by the Lincoln Fire Department. If you need further information, please call 645-4040.